Corion researches and produces paints and innovations for numerous applications and surfaces

A company that operates in Brazil and Italy, produces and sells paints after much research on innovations and the highest technology available. In addition to ensuring the quality of our products and affordable prices, we offer a complete after-sales service to fully satisfy our customers. The same products developed with great affection in our Italian laboratory are sold all over the world.

Corion Led Cell


Corion Led Cell® is a luminescent paint or also called Glow in the Dark Paint, in various colors that can be used for decorative and security purposes, to assist in signaling environments, roads, paths, street signals and dark ways. By day it absorbs the natural or artificial light of the environment and then, in the darkness, it shines. It is an ecological product that saves energy by reducing electricity consumption in replacement bulbs for paint.

Corion Repel


Corion Repel® is a special insect repellent water-based paint. Prevents insects from moving or standing on the painted surface forming a real barrier. The insect is rejected through controlled release of repellents and is killed by the active insecticidal ingredients that are permanently inserted into the painting.



  • A Verona la prima pista ciclabile che si illumina al buio

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  • Corion participates in the celebration of September 7 in Milan. The event was organized by the Brazilian Consulate

    Corion Paintes was one of the companies that represented the Brazilian economy in an event in Italy.

    In commemoration of the Independence of...

  • A paint that repels and kills insects

    Developed to repel any type of small insect, Corion Repel reduces the risk of disease transmission transmitted by them.

  • Energy Saving Purpose

    Increased safety and economy thanks to Corion Led Cell, which accumulates its energy during the day and releases brightness at night or in the dark.