Corion Protect


Corion Protect® is a Nano Silver Ions-based antimicrobial technology Super washable, wall and ceiling paint, with very high coverage and velvety effect. The product has high adhesion, makes the surface waterproof and has excellent resistance. Eliminates 99.999% of the Covid virus on the surface where the paint is applied, certified and recommended by the State University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Corion Protect silver ions hygienic paint is a special paint produced for disinfection, with strong antiviral and antimicrobial efficacy, developed with long-lasting nanotechnology. Does not contain oxidizing agents such as dyes, non-corrosive or toxic.

Corion Protect silver ions hygienic paint, intended for application on walls or floors, existing or new surfaces already painted, internal or external. Just paint and the surface will be protected, with a simple and practical method.

Corion Protect silver ions

The effect lasts 15 years or more. CORION PROTECT® uses the latest generation of European technology.
This product was formulated to have an action to prevent the proliferation of viruses and bacterias on the surface where it is applied, promoting hygiene and health of people. The paint applied to a wall or other surface contains additives and treated silver ions, in a secret and exclusive formula of Corion.
Contaminated surfaces can be sources of indirect transmission. The virus, for example COVID, remains alive on surfaces for a long time, contaminating them and spreading them to those who touch them, which is known as cross-contamination.
Read the AntiCovid certification, certified and recommended by the State University of São Paulo, Brazil.


  • Eliminates 99.99% of Virus Covid Sars 1 and 2 *
  • Fast action, 15 seconds kills 99.9% CovidSars 1 and 2 viruses*
  • Wide spectrum of action
  • Compatible with different types of materials
  • Good mechanical strength
  • Great Coverage

Ideal for:

  • Health institutions, hospitals, laboratories
  • Hotels, resorts, residences,
  • Vacation homes, condos,
  • Rest homes, playrooms for children, day care centers
  • Offices, workplaces, factories, stores, shopping centers, etc.