Corion Refresh


Corion Refresh: ideal for places with strong sun incidence. Help control the internal temperature and contributes to electric energy savings as reduces up to 40% cooling energy costs.Help the environment and reduction greenhouse effect. The formula is exclusive to Corion Innovative Paints.

Corion Refresh® is an acrylic Paint, water-based, opaque, with nano ceramic particles exclusive and secret nano silver additives for internal or external finishing, domestic or commercial use.


Indicated to be applied on almost all types of new or already painted external or internal surfaces: walls, walls, wood, cement, stone, etc. The product penetrates the surface.

Surface preparation

New or already painted surfaces: Remove any traces of dirt or dust with a damp cloth, with or without detergent. The surface must be dry and it is also recommended to repair any cracks prior to application.


Brush or Roller. The product is ready to use, if necessary, dilute it to a maximum of 15%, mix well until it forms a homogeneous mass. For a better result it is recommended to apply a second hand of paint. If there is mold on the surface to be painted, treat it with an anti-mildew product. Do not apply the product if the surface is under direct sun or wind. Do not apply at temperatures below 5oC or above 40°C. Do not apply if air humidity is too high.

APPLICATION TOOL: brush and roller
DRYING TIME: 2h to the touch, 2h monday, 24h complete
YIELD: +-10M2


  • Reduction of the Internal Temperature of Environments
  • Anti-mold and anti-condensation action;
  • Internal and external use
  • Saves Energy
  • Reduction of energy costs;
  • Easy to apply. It comes ready-made.