Corion Led Cell


Corion Led Cell® is a luminescent paint that lights up in the dark. Absorbing the natural or artificial light of the environment (UV Rays) is able to propagate brightness in the darkness. It is an ecological product that allows a reduction in the use of artificial light and that, combined with the use of LED lamps, is able to provide high savings of electricity.

Corion Led Cell® accumulates its energy during the day and releases brightness during the night or in the dark. It self-regulates by adapting to the environmental needs, the darker the environment the more the paint shines.

Ideal for trails in parks, paths, sidewalks, cycle paths, skateboard tracks, stairs, corridors, provides the benefits of artificial brightness at night at a much more advantageous cost. It can be combined with other natural decorative elements, such as gravel, preserving intact all its characteristics.


Acrylic, semi-gloss, semi-translucent, for interior and exterior painting, decoration and signage. It lights up in the dark for many hours.

Indicated to be applied on almost all types of supports: bituminous surfaces, concrete, stone, wood, painted surfaces, plastic, cloth, metal, leather, etc., given its characteristics, the product penetrates the substrate.

Available colors: see color chart

Corion LED CELL®

  • Safe
  • Stable
  • Efficient
  • Ecological

Examples of applications

  • Pavements
  • Public squares
  • Trails for exercises
  • Skateboarding tracks
  • Cycle paths
  • Catwalks
  • Stairs and internal passages
  • Emergency exits
  • Signaling
  • Painting of statues, walls